Shalom!   I am Rabbi Reuel Dillon and I am glad you have visited our website. A little about myself...I am a Jewish believer in Yeshua The Messiah. I am Jewish on my mother's side (surnames: Schuster & Schnell) and also have Jewish genealogy on my father's side of the family. But, first and foremost, I find my identity in The God of Yisra'el, in the scriptures of Yisra'el, and in my Rabbi Yeshua (Jesus), The Messiah. I came to personally know Adonai (The Lord) at the age of 18. At that time in my life I was secular and without God. I knew that there was a God, but I really didn't care to be His servant. And, because of this I really didn't ever come into a personal relationship with Him, nor did I really know whom He was or what His will was for my life. To me God was kind of like a magic genie that I summoned whenever I was in need. I wanted a provider, sometimes a savior, but I wasn't really interested in having a Lord over my life. I was perfectly happy with me being my own Lord.

That all changed when one day Adonai answered a prayer of mine. I knew that I wasn't serving God with my life, I was living for myself. But, as I mentioned earlier, I would pray to God when I wanted something. And, I often found myself praying that He would give me my wife. I prayed that if He gave me my wife...then I would be His soldier, I would be His servant, and I would dedicate my life to Him. I know, I know, it was a selfish prayer. At any rate, I believe Adonai heard this prayer. It was easy enough for Him, and I think He thought it was a good deal.

One day Nessa was placed into my life. She would be my future wife. After expressing my intentions towards her we started seeing each other more often and after about two weeks of this I absolutely knew she was the one. I can't really explain how I knew this, other than I believe Adonai confirmed this with me. I even told her this at the time (and it scared her a little), but she stuck with me. At any rate, she was the first one whom had given me my own Bible and even challenged me on a few subjects. I started to read it and read about the message of the Good News of the coming Kingdom of God. I read about Yeshua (Jesus) The Messiah, His teachings, His miracles, and the atoning sacrifice that He made for all those whom would turn to God for salvation. I read that all have fallen short of God's perfection, all have transgressed His holy commandments, and because of this, there is a need for atonement. And, not any kind of atonement would do. God requires blood atonement for my sins, and a mere animal would not completely remove my sins. Only the sacrifice of a perfect righteous being would atone for the sins of humanity, for the death of the righteous one atones. God provided this through Yeshua The Messiah, His Son, whom offered Himself up willingly on our behalf because of the deep love that He has for all of us.

His love led me to repent of my sins (the breaking of God's commandments) and I asked God for forgiveness. I trusted God and Yeshua for the sacrifice made on my behalf. I asked Him to put His Spirit in me that He provides as a covenant promise through Messiah's sacrificial work. From that day on my life began to be transformed in an amazing way. I literally was becoming a new creation, being birthed by the Spirit of God. He was actually changing my nature. The people that knew me before didn't feel like they really knew me anymore. I had an intense hunger for learning more about the God of Yisra'el. I started reading the Bible from the beginning to end over, and over, and over again. To this day I am learning more and more and still have this great hunger to learn more about God and His words. I wake up every day and am very aware of God's presence in my life and I eagerly look forward to living out my day for Him and to His glory.

I started to seek others that have had this same experience and started to attend a Christian congregation by the name of "Life Center" in Spokane, Wa. I attended there for a few years and grew much in my spiritual walk. After a year of knowing Nessa, I married her. In Hebrew, "Nessa" means "miracle". She was certainly a miracle sent by Adonai into my life. A year after our marriage we had our first boy. And, to this day (01-28-15) we now have nine children (six boys and three girls).

Nessa had a few friends that were Messianic Jews (Torah observant believers) and they started to teach me about the original faith and practice of Messiah and His Disciples. At first I was resistant because of some of the mistruths that were taught to me regarding the Torah (God's Law) and the letters of Sha'ul (Paul) that are in the Bible. But, they were patient with me. As I continued to intensely study the scriptures I came to agree with them. I started to attend a Messianic Jewish Congregation and was there for several years. Eventually I had become apart of the leadership there for a few years and continued in my spiritual growth. I had finally begun to take back what was lost, and returned to the Hebraic and Torah foundations of my faith. 

To make a long story short, I believe Adonai was calling me to establish a Messianic Synagogue on the South Hill Of Spokane. Responding in faith to this call it came to pass that we built a synagogue on our property and we met there for about seven years, until we recently moved to a new location. During this time I had been a student with Beth El Yeshiva (in 2012 BEY closed their doors do to a lack of funding) and after four years of study I completed my coursework to receive a Bachelor Of Bible degree in the area of Messianic Jewish Studies.  I received "semicha" (ordination) through Messianic Bureau International as a Messianic Rabbi. Although, I am now associated with The United Messianic Jewish Assembly (www.umja.net). Rabbi Baruch (Bruce) Booker, one of the Rabbis that oversaw my semicha (ordination), and a former professor at Beth El Yeshiva, is still one of my mentors and close friends, and also a member of the UMJA. It is exciting to see this growing group of congregations come together in unity and with a purpose to glorify the God of Yisra'el and His Messiah Yeshua. In regards to my ongoing learning, I consider myself to be a life-long talmid (student) of my Master Yeshua, and by the grace of Adonai, I continue to take courses through Torah Resource Institute to continually grow as a talmid, and as a leader.

As a Messianic Rabbi, as a leader in our community, and as a Messianic Jew, I believe God has called me to this path. For me, being a Messianic Rabbi is not a position of glory, it is a call to greater responsibility and a fulfillment of the purpose that God has for my life. I see myself as an implement in Adonai's hand to accomplish His will. I am prepared to throw any crown given to me down at the feet of The Rabbi and The King of Kings; Messiah Yeshua. I lead, I teach, and make disciples in His name and for Him. The life I live now is in obedience to the God of Yisra'el because of the love and great respect that I have for Him. May He be glorified, for I am not worthy. Apart from Him I am nothing and can do nothing. Let us come together, having the heart of Messiah Yeshua, and be used of God to build His Kingdom.

Baruch HaShem!


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